Privacy Notice

We have ultimate respect to your privacy. All information you provided will be used strictly for fulfilling your orders. Under no circumstances we would share your information with anybody. We do NOT have any "affiliated" companies to share your information with. And even if we did have those we would NOT do it.

We hate SPAM with all fibers of our souls so you will not get any unsolicited emails from us. We will NOT subscribe you to any mailing lists or "newsletters" or any other unwanted emails unless you explicitely asked us to do so.

We do keep all information in-house; all our servers are real physical pieces of equipment and they are under our full control. What you deal with is NOT a virtual web server hosted by some company that can go bust one day and make all your information lost or available to anyone. All we buy from third parties is Internet connectivity. Nothing is hosted. Everything is on our premises and under our full physical control.

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