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About Us

KSI Labs, LLC is a small business in Henderson, Nevada started by yours truly Sergey Kubushyn in 2009 when the last company I worked for went bust and laid off its entire Engineering Department.

As of today it is essentially one man operation. I do all the engineering (hardware, software, VHDL, etc.) All prototypes are also done in-house. Production runs are contracted to local companies (e.g. all production board assembly work for CENTIPEDE boards is done by Meritronics) so all our products are proudly made in the USA.

The first company product is a set of CENTIPEDE boards for CNC control applications or whatever else our customers can use them for (robotics, process control, automation, etc.) We just finished our first production run and have 100+ sets in stock ready to ship.

We do believe in Open Source and Free Software. That's why we release full VHDL source for the CENTIPEDE board. All related software (e.g. Mach3 Windows Driver) source code is also available for free. Linux software is released under GPL.

Not that it is just fair to share what we have done using other shared knowledge but it also allows people to customize our products and find their own applications for them that we didn't think of.

We have a lot of plans for the future. The company is just starting up and we're going to grow. Our primary areas of interest are CNC controls and high-quality audio, primarily tubes, sometimes FETs and other semiconductors.

By "High Quality" we understand exactly that. It is no-compromise design for achieving highest sound quality possible but it is engineering without all the snake oil usually put into "High End" equipment that is poorly engineered in most cases. We do not use magic power cords, specially selected african wood, high-end grade acoustic aluminum with secret coating and similar nonsense for fooling customers with thick wallet lacking basic engineering knowledge.

That means our equipment is not going to cost as if it was made of pure gold with diamond feet and knobs. On the other hand we will not compromise so it wouldn't be as cheap as Fry's average mass-produced chinese stuff. And we are not going to make anything in millions; most of our products are small scale production and some of them are even custom made and hand assembled that drives price higher.

We do also take custom design jobs, both hardware and software. If there is a need for a custom device driver or any embedded design please feel free to use "Contact Us" to get in touch. We do everything Linux, from low-level device drivers to complex distributed systems. All terms and prices are negotiable to better suit our clients.

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