Other Services

We do also do software/hardware contract jobs. Our areas of expertise are:

  • Hardware Design (all phases including initial schematic design, PCB layout, prototyping, debugging, parts sourcing, putting into production, designing and making EOL testers and various QA tools and jigs, etc.)
  • High Quality Analog Audio Design including Vacuum Tube based.
  • New Microprocessor-based boards bring-up and debugging.
  • Porting U-Boot to new boards (especially ARM and PowerPC based.)
  • Linux Device Drivers.
  • Linux Kernel.
  • Linux System Level Software (various daemons, utilities, etc.)
  • Porting Linux Kernel to new hardware (especially ARM-based.)
  • MCU firmware development (bare hardware or RTOS.)
  • Small Scale VHDL development (mostly CPLD, no big FPGAs.)
  • Lot of other things...

This is just a partial list of our skills. Please feel free to contact us using our Contact Us form to start a conversation. All prices and terms are negotiable to better suit our clients.

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