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These are various source code archives for CENTIPEDE boards and whatever we did and decided to release to the public.

This is just the beginning, something we started with. We do hope our products will be picked up by the community so we will add community developed sources and other stuff. We do understand our resources are limited and we can not do everything ourselves. There are plenty of smart and capable people out there that could be of a great help with their spare time, skills, and expertise.

One of the reasons why we share our source code is to make sure our customers won't be left with an expensive unsupported hardware if something bad happened to us. We were in this situation many times so we generally do NOT purchase any hardware without source code and documentation except very cheap one that can be easily replaced with a different cheapie.

We do NOT sell software; our business is hardware. All our software and firmware is done to help us sell our hardware. That is why we will not try to make it secret or proprietary. However it is NOT Public Domain or GPL source code (except Linux code that is GPL.) It took a lot of man hours to develop so it should be only used with our products. There is a license at the top of each and every source file. We do not charge for source code and we do not limit how it can be used as long as it is used on our hardware. It is ILLEGAL to use it (or its parts) on any commercial product without our permission.

And finally what lets us share our source code is that we are not ashamed of what we do :) We do not write dirty spaghetti code and we are proud of what we've done.

This is current source code for the latest stable Software/Firmware version.

This is older source for previous versions, now obsolete. Not that it is longer needed but we will keep it just in case someone wanted to track our progress :)

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